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Expozine Sunday – More Strangeness

By in montreal


This pic seems to encapsulate for me the oddness and fun of Expozine. I get totally overstimulated by the art and whackiness of it all.

Anyhow, this year, exhausted by taking pictures of all the people and their stuff in previous years, I tried something different. My little camera took good videos, so I tried a few of them. It’s just as exhausting! Plus, I don’t have editing software yet to put things together in a slick video. But here are some of the artists, not necessarily the famous ones, explaining their work, in French and English.

Please click on the videos themselves to get more info, names and links to websites.

Kurt Beaulieu — warning for NSFW content, and also my swearing a little at the end, dropping my camera case.

Guy Boutin:

Kim Hoang (right) and colleague

Dead Head Comicks:

Mtl Underground Icon Rick Trembles: (“then things get really weird…”)

Eric Theriault in French and English:

Martin Balcer, in French:

My terrible French, with Jeanne St-Onge and friend:

Puppet in a Suitcase:

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