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August 31, 2009 0

Do the SketchThing

By in sketches, watercolour

Watching Do The Right Thing on DVD and drawing. Not really portraits of people, just types.

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August 30, 2009 0

The Cat Is Listening…

By in cats, horses, sketches

The cat is listening, a guy is sitting on a horse without stirrups, and the poor beknighted kid from the movie Into the Wild is being stalked by a cuddly, harmless grizzly.

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August 28, 2009 0

Back in the Stream?

By in men, sketches, watercolour, women

Been neglecting blogging a little, thanks to Twitter, and this new contract. But I’m still drawing stuff. Going to scan it and put it up, because that’s what I like doing. Here we are!

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August 28, 2009 3

Street Seen

By in montreal, ruttan's place, sketches, watercolour

That’s a good title for the blog. I was on a bit of a break today, so I painted this picture of the street I live on. Bonus: Old lady!

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August 24, 2009 0

Birthday Horse

By in horses, sketches, watercolour

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August 22, 2009 2

New Post

By in cats, sketches, watercolour

Been busy, not been blogging a lot. Not been drawing tons that I’m happy with. Not too thrilled with this, but it’s where my head’s been at. Good night!

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August 17, 2009 0

Page of Watercolour sketches

By in dogs, sketches, watercolour, women

Man, this is fun to do.

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August 16, 2009 0

Behind on Blogging

By in cats, sketches

Wild people. Drawing by me, inks by Rick. Don’t get me wrong. I love my blog. I can express stuff here and gas on about things, and look at my funny sketches. Who cares that only about 30 people a day visit the thing. But busy computer-related work (websites and writing) takes its toll of […]

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August 11, 2009 0

Slew of New Sketches

By in dogs, sketches, women

Sometimes I wait a while and then post a lot of sketches I’ve done, but didn’t post, for whatever reason. Nice not to have to look at my friend’s death notice first thing when I visit the blog, however.

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August 10, 2009 1

Sonja Skarstedt

By in montreal

I’ve been avoiding writing about this, because it hit me hard, when I heard about it last July 31. Didn’t want to announce it before the obituary came out, because I didn’t want to be the crow, the one bearing that news. Sad, because Sonja, along with her partner Geof, who ran Zymergy Magazine, plus […]

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August 9, 2009 2

Worldcon Montreal, 2009 – what a night!

By in montreal, sketches

Went to my friend, Claude Lalumiere‘s launch, for his upcoming book of short stories: OBJECTS OF WORSHIP, at WORLDCON, the world Science Fiction / Fantasy convention, happening in Montreal this year. Funny, two-level suite at the Delta Hotel in downtown Montreal. So I shot this snap up top of Claude, and the book’s illustrator, Rupert […]

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August 8, 2009 0

Back to Gagnon Fridays

By in sketches

It’s been too long, but last night I was drinking with my friend Richard Gagnon, and doing silly drawings. He usually inks things that I’ve drawn. Gives me new ideas about where to place black and whites, etc. I’m feeling a little burnt at the moment, so am just going to post these, to get […]

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August 5, 2009 0

Just some sketching

By in cats, sketches

Like the title says. I’ve started a new contract, and have been a little distracted. Also some sad news, which I’ll blog later, when I’m ready. Still, hope you like crazy sketches of cats and whatnot.

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August 2, 2009 2

2160 rue Bordeaux

By in montreal

Piece of gyproc wall I photographed. It had been tossed out after renovations. Sorry I didn’t take a shot of the building. Maybe I’ll go back and get that. As i was doing this, a couple of guys walked by muttering words that included “kodak” and “malade” (crazy). I guess that’s accurate. Anyhow, here’s the […]

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