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Worldcon Montreal, 2009 – what a night!

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Went to my friend, Claude Lalumiere‘s launch, for his upcoming book of short stories: OBJECTS OF WORSHIP, at WORLDCON, the world Science Fiction / Fantasy convention, happening in Montreal this year.

Funny, two-level suite at the Delta Hotel in downtown Montreal. So I shot this snap up top of Claude, and the book’s illustrator, Rupert Bottenberg, almost pointing up their nostrils.

My sketch of Claude signing:
Sketch of Claude Lalumiere signing at Worldcon, Montreal

Rupert signing:

The book:

And the signatures:

The party! I met famous SF author Robert Silverberg here. Didn’t get a shot — I was too shy.

This took place on the 28th, the top floor of the Delta Hotel in Montreal. There were tons of exciting parties happening on that floor, so I went to have a look. Here’s a party:

Here’re some attendees (veterans of future wars?):

Popped into a workshop on cartooning, but not for cartoonists. More like a “chalk talk” for entertainment. Sketched, of course.
Attendees at  Worldcon, Montreal

These are more drawn notes than proper sketches, as I was standing up. Notes for what, though?
Sketch of Party Crowd at  Worldcon, Montreal

Here’s the most amazing thing I saw all night: a real Gestetner stencil. Hadn’t seen one of those in action since I did the school newspaper in grade 6!

To see other photos I took that night, visit the set on flickr. Here’s the slideshow:

Had a great time, talking about science fiction, about working as an extra in movies, and see what everyone who looked interesting was up to.

Here’s a list of links from people I met:

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2 Responses to “Worldcon Montreal, 2009 – what a night!”

  1. Elise Moser says:

    What a great post, Jack. You are generous, and an awfully good artist.

  2. Hi Jack!

    Thought I would pop by and check out your blog and sketches. You are quite marvelous to have been able to sketch amidst the chaos and ruckus of the parties at the Delta. These are fab!

    I am still continuing to post about things from World Con. It was great to have met you. I will put up a post about your mad sketching amidst the partying tomorrow.


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