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Not the Usual Face Painter

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You don’t want me for your childrens’ face painter.

There’s a community thing happening in a week or two at Parc Mederic Martin, a neglected little park a block or two east of here. It’s based on a sort of Parisian model of the park with the long centre walk, but left to seed. The trees on either side have overgrown; their shade has not allowed the grass to flourish, and the whole thing has the feeling of a dark tunnel. The kind of thing you see in horror films. Also a tiled fountain which must not have been turned on since the 1970s.

Anyhow, I might be there. And I’m hoping one of my talented pals, who are good face painters, show up. Caro Caron has a website with her group les feés des artifices, which is very charming, and good promotion. For you clunky anglos out there, that’s a play on “feu d’artifice” or “fireworks,” with the word “fairies.”

Didn’t want to go on so long to set up this old cartoon of mine about face painting, but there it is at top, courtesy of Richard Gagnon’s little comic mag, What the F***? Nowadays, you’d suspect the asterisks are standing in for a dirty word, but that’s the actual title of the mag.

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