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Reported in an earlier post that the Art-Tec store had gone out of business and was having a sale. I saw the building while going by in a bus, taking my cat to the vet (it was to get her stitches out from spaying surgery: very successful). But the store was sad: all of the banners and signs plastered with these garish fluorescent “everything must go” stickers.

I went there the other day. I’d been avoiding going, because I Knew I was going to feel like a vulture. I remember the same thing when a beloved bookstore closed on Duluth Street many years ago. The owner was behind his counter in a rapidly emptying store, a long line of customers buying heavily discounted books. “Looks like I found the price point!” he said ruefully, or words to that effect.

But I am a poor artist type, and was tempted by the idea of cheap paints and nice sketch books. So, yesterday, after finishing the sketch of my neighbour’s bike up above, I got on my own bike and went.

Sadly, the gentle old guy I used to deal with, and his young student employees were gone. Just staff there from the re-possessors, who didn’t know art materials. I got there too late, so most of the good stuff was gone (they were selling the fixtures). And the discounts weren’t all that spectacular. Just 30% off the regular price.

But I did pick up a tube of “Mars Violet,” which is a yucky colour — sort of a reddish purple. Still great for underpainting, and also doing paintings of vaguely sickly, evil things. Like this storybook tower down below:


Okay, I admit it. I’m a terrible nerd. I’ve been watching my “Lord of the Rings” DVDs again.

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