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Phantasmagoria at Galerie Yves Laroche

By in montreal

I visited the vernissage for this show last night, which was a lot of fun, perfect for Hallowe’en. An artist friend on twitter suggested I check it out. So I did and wasn’t disappointed. Did a little bit of a reporter thing, with my electronic devices: my tiny Lumix Camera, and my cigarette-lighter shaped voice recorder.

The Lumix came through. You can see snaps of the show above. Below is a couple of questions I asked artist Chet Zar. I shouldn’t talk or go “ahuh” in interviews. But I’m happy you can distinguish words if you listen closely, because these weren’t the best audio conditions.

Then I chatted with the show’s curator. This would be a sound file, but I pressed the wrong button. Next time I try something like this, I’ll be better prepared. Though, doing stuff off the cuff this way has its own charms. Except when you totally blow it like that. Apologies to the curator!

I’ll write more in depth about this show later on, I hope.

That night I also tried to catch the launch for my friend’s book. Came in almost late for that, but maybe I can write about it in the next post, when I see a few of the usual suspects again, tonight, at the Montreal Monthly Comic Jam.

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