January 2, 2009 0

Battle of the Blogs

By in sketches


Durn. My normal blog is working again, though I’d like to explore and learn more about the mechanics behind this one. Still haven’t been able to migrate the four years worth of Utopia Moment posts over to here, even though it’s supposed to be possible.

Maybe I’ll just put a note on the old one saying I’ve moved over here, permanently, and please adjust your bookmarks and links, etc. Still, since I am posting there, and the domain name for this one is vanishing at the end of the month, I am going to have to make the switch, or stay on the old blog, perhaps.

This is not worth all this fuss, but I am a person who fusses over those kinds of things.

Speaking of fuss, these drawings were drawn while watching a PBS special about émigré film directors making good in Hollywood over the war years. I like them because they’re simpler than the scratchy, hatchy things I’ve been doing. They still use some of the shading tricks I’ve learned doing the hatching (which is sort of like painting with a pen). These drawings have been about two aspects of watercolour painting. There are the bold strokes with a calligraphic brush, the ones they practice forever in Asian styles of painting. Then there is modelling with subtle gradations of tone, to make a realistic or impressionistic effect with light.

I enjoy both these approaches.



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