April 19, 2009 0

Bar-room Beauty

By in sketches


I’ve been busy with “stuff” and have neglected the blog a little bit. By that, I mean I didn’t post something yesterday. Scandal!

Well, as I said, my friend and collaborator Rick Gagnon was away in New York, hobnobbing with the Hoi Polloi. Meanwhile I was toiling here in my dungeon in South Central Montreal. But I finished up a sketch above that we started last week (mostly mine, but there are Gagnon-like traces in the face and hair). So, today is in effect Gagnon Friday-by-proxy. That’s despite the fact that Gagnon isn’t here, and it’s not Friday.

I’m going to post more next week on the Montreal freelancers’ victory in the lawsuit vs the Gazette, Southam, CanWest, et al. So, look for that, all you six people who visit this site.

In the meantime, maybe you haven’t seen this, but here’s a link to “Gagnon Friday” posts on my previous blog site: http://mruttan.ca/mruttan.ca/blog/labels/Gagnon%20Friday.html

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