November 21, 2010 0

Weekend Things and Technical Challenges

By in sketches


Bored, painting a lot of pictures on the weekend. Hope some of them are funny/cute. I flattened (physically, not by photoshop) the one above so it would scan more easily. Big operation involving sprayed water and paper tape. You non-watercolourists can read about it here, but it’s really not that labourious, once you have the equipment. Just waiting a lot for things to dry.


Above, I was experimenting with something called masking fluid, which is like rubber cement. Managed to spill this on the drawing above and below, and found out it picks up paint on finished pictures. So that turned into a technical challenge on how to fix things. These feel mostly like practise anyways. But practise for what? mainly for me, I suppose.

This one also got pasted with masking fluid, though I fixed it (a little in photoshop, though):

And other things, from the sketchbook.

The pen drawings are from the Montreal Metro:



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