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Montreal Freelancers Celebrating Class Action Authorization

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Ron Diamond, ERDC (Electronic Rights Defense Committee) Treasurer (R) with Mireille Goulet, our butt-kicking lawyer, who won the authorization decision against a team of five top-flight legal minds on the other side. Read more about the hearings last year on my old blog here.

A little late in getting this to you, because there was a contribution from playwright and ERDC member David Fennario which might be copyrighted (gasp!), and I wanted to get permission to use it. Well, if he gets back to me, that will allow me to mention this whole happy event again in an entirely new post.

P1030490Elise Mosler, QWF Prexy.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the celebration last Thursday evening. Wasn’t a huge crowd, but a warm and happy one. Included stalwarts of the QWF (Quebec Writers’ Federation) and PWAC (Periodical Writers of Canada). Also some folk from when the lawsuit started up, way back in the antediluvian times of 1997. Very pleasant to catch up, and also plan our next steps.

P1030491Claude Lalumiere

I’m trying to nudge the ERDC crowd into doing more publicity. We’ve kept our cards pretty close to the chest, but I think the more people know about our fight against unfair and abusive freelance contracts which force you give up all your rights for all eternity in the entire universe, the better. Now I’m ranting. Well, good luck, Mirielle, Mary, and all the rest of the ERDC, working for the good of freelancers everywhere!

Mary Soderstrom, ERDC Chair, with Mirielle Goulet.

Margaret Piton, and Richard Willing, journalists.

P1030486Tracy Arial of PWAC, and Julie Gedeon, freelancer.

P1030488Jack Ruttan (That’s me!) ERDC Secretary.

Sorry I didn’t post more general shots of the event, but the room was dark, and I didn’t like annoying people with the flash. So those snaps turned out very blurry.

P1030497Ellen Lee: with us since the start.

You can see the whole set here on flickr. (Not that many more pics, actually. Most of them are here!)


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