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It’s good to see Rick Gagnon again, at our traditional Friday afternoon meet at the Cock N’ Bull for drawing and chat. We missed last week, and then I put this post off until today, because of all the class action excitement. But here we are again, with another batch of fun drawings.

Below, can you tell who did what? Rick drew the two girls, and added shading lines to my cocky guy. Rick’s lines are usually more parallel than mine. He also aggressively darkened my Nora the Cat.

Pretty girl (sometimes hard to find at this bar!) drawn by me, inked by Rick:

Rick on a profile I drew:

Now, this is me on a drawing of Rick’s of a couple of ne’er-do-wells by the video gaming terminals:

Rick did a great job on my hat guy in a car:

And I also love the job he did on my “Count:”

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