April 28, 2009 4

Look Out for Speeding Kiddies

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Consider if you will, an experiment. The police put up this safety sign this afternoon on the schoolyard fence across the street from me. I want to see how long it takes before the pristine surface is defaced with graffiti of some kind, or torn down entirely. You can watch and keep track with me.

UPDATE: Next morning: nothing wrong with the sign yet. I’ve just figured out the slogan is a play on “la Petite vie,” kind of meaning “the simple life,” and also therefore “little lives,” plus the speed factor. Wouldn’t know how to translate it accurately as a slogan: probably just go for something else.

UPDATE 2: I made my translation of the title a little nicer. I can do that. It’s editable.

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4 Responses to “Look Out for Speeding Kiddies”

  1. Anne C. says:

    That’s funny. I’ve been meaning to ask someone to explain this sign to me. How handy to find it here!

  2. Jack says:

    I certainly hope that’s correct!

  3. Thoth Harris says:

    I think it is a play on “small thing” or “small lives” or “little children”. But the actual meaning and the summation, or perhaps the most accurate translation into English to get the fullest sense is: “Take care of the small things in life.”

  4. Jack says:

    Thanks Thoth! I’m hoping that one of my Franco friends wil chime in and set the record straight.

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