May 5, 2009 2

Late Blogging

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I usually do this in the morning. Nothing interesting drawn. But tonight I’ve got Lou Reed lyrics put into the mouths of people drawn walking down the street. “What good a war without killing?” and “life’s like Sanskrit read to a pony.” You have to hear them in the proper Lou Reed deep voice, which will help.

And below, an animal called a “gryllus” (anything with legs and only a head — no body), but I can’t find the citation for the name. All I get is the genus for cricket.


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2 Responses to “Late Blogging”

  1. Subnuggurat says:

    After looking for the same thing for a while, all I found was this:

    Humorous monster in medieval manuscripts, usually depicted with two legs, a head, a tail, and no body or arms. Often furry or maned. ”


    It isn’t much but I hope it helps.

  2. Jack says:

    Hey, it does! Thanks.

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