June 14, 2011 0

L’Écho d’un Fleuve

By in montreal, ruttan's place

Spent a while shooting and editing videos of the annual L’Écho d’un Fleuve event, which happens in this neighbourhood every June. It’s a thrill to do, and wonderful to think one lives in a neighbourhood where such things take place. Hooray for artists and dancers and all. Not an easy life.

But it’s great to see a little of what people are doing. The first video, nothing much really happens. I commented a lot.

The second video has great dance in it.

The third has this glorious mistake I made, superimposing one track over another, so a dancer seems to be dancing with herself. I couldn’t have planned that, but wanted to keep it.

Hope these things stick around for a while, as a record of what was going on here, in the quaint old days of 2011.

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