September 26, 2011 0

The Little Book

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While i haven’t posted here for a few days (been busy here on my tumblr doing exciting gardening videos), I’ve still been drawing, so there’s a backlog of things to put up.

Today it’s black and white drawings from my small sketchbook. I’ve labelled it “VL” –not that that means anything, but it’s something I put into the file name, so, I hope, I will be able to look through books and find the original of a drawing, if I need it. Hard to organize these things, and there are so many sketchbooks.

I suppose it might make sense to number books consecutively, but I have several on the go at once. Thought if I could find the right letters scribbled on the cover, that would save me time, if someone wanted a printable copy of something I’ve done. The images going up here are only screen resolution. But you know, I’ve sold one to a documentary film, so it’s useful being able to find the original when you need it.

that’s too much explanation, and I will read it over sometime later and make it make more sense. In the meantime, more drawings.



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