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Griffin Art – Séguin Poirier Gallery/Studio

By in montreal

A visit to the Seguin Poirier Gallery-Studio in Griffintown, Montreal. http://seguinpoirier.com

This is another of my little point-and-shoot camera video interviews focused around aspects of the art scene I happen to encounter during my wanderings in Montreal. I’m formalizing it now as “Art Chat” and have bought that name as an address for a web site where I will collect these videos in an on-line album or gallery as I do more of them.

They’re fun to do. I’m learning as I go, with my camera and $99 editing software. Technically, they’re not too sophisticated, but they serve as a record. I’m a former visual arts writer for magazines and newspapers. One thing I enjoyed in doing articles was letting the artist speak for him or herself. Video is perfect for that, and also lets one get a glimpse of the art. At this stage it’s meant to tantalise, and provoke viewer to seek out the art on their own.

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  1. patti says:

    Great little project. Yes you will learn a few things as you go – like not commenting on what they are saying as you are holding the camera – but that stuff will come as you edit and realize things yourself. I like the closing summary too. … patti

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