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Have this flickr uploader gadget in the blog. Haven’t gotten it to work yet. This is my first real post on the new system on the blog. Pretty spiffy. Plus I feel proud of myself for following the 18 or so steps to upgrade, with backups and passwords and all.

Anyhow (feeling wordy, a switch from twitter!), this is a ballpoint pen sketch done on the balcony this morning. It points me towards drawing or painting a complicated fan’s den, filled with gadgets and tchotchkes.

Inspired by the movie Paprika, which was above-average anime. Intelligent speculation about what would happen if someone invented a machine that let others share or record your dreams. Had a lot of the usual tropes of giant things smashing stuff up, colossal toys, tentacles, and kinky imagery, plus that crowding of things I was mentioning, but also a plot I could follow, and almost human characters.

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