June 21, 2009 0

Mad People and Sewing Machines

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Another Mad Men-inspired drawing. I don’t know what the background is. I started drawng the character’s Japanese screens, but now it looks more like the inside of a space ship.


Next, junk-y old sewing machine a friend left me, and I had in the back shed. Another friend thinks I can make big bucks if I polish it up (and replace the cord). I’m not so sure, but it might be worth doing.

I think it’s a 19th-century treadle machine made in Montreal, but “upgraded” in the 1930s by White Sewing machine in Ontario to take the electric motor. Kind of an interesting “blade-runner” style retro-fit, but it lowers the value. Not that I think it’s worth a ton of money, but it might be fun to see what a working old machine like this will fetch on e-bay.

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