February 8, 2012 0


By in ruttan's place

My friend once used a spoon at my place, and remarked about it. She told me they were better quality than I imagined, and could look much nicer. I hadn’t thought much about them. They were grimy old spoons that I’d been using for ages, which I had taken with me to Montreal from my parents’ place in Calgary.

Anyways, my friend took them away with her, and after a bit of time here’s what she showed me as a surprise:


Now they’re so bright, I’m almost scared to use them. But be assured they’ll be back to their weathered state, after being used to stir coffee, measure out sugar, eat yogurt.

But what’s especially interesting is the maker’s mark the polishing brought out, as below.

Now I don’t think these spoons are from 1847, or worth a lot of money, but it’s interesting to think about. Googling the year tells me that Charlotte Bronte published Jane Eyre back then, under the name Currer Bell.

Goes to show, you never know what’s hanging around in the cutlery drawer.

UPDATE: Of course a quick Google of the whole phrase took me to this page, which is cute to see. Don’t think I’m going to try and sell them, sorry!


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