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Depressing Comics

By in sketches

I was going through old stuff yesterday, looking for something I didn’t find (thought it was in the paper files, but I think rather it’s on the computer). Still, it helps to get to know your files. I still have trouble finding things I’m working on when it goes inside a drawer. Perhaps my drawers lead into some other universe where things are forgotten. Much easier going through a pile of paper. But the paper piles were getting too high ….

Anyhow, I found the originals of these two comics, from a period in my life when I was much more miserable than I am now. I like the ink style, however. I think they’ve both been blogged before, but I don’t remember them, and you may not either.


The first one, from my time in hospital, basically suffering from stress, is self-explanatory. But who is the guy below? He looks like CBC’s Michael Enright, or a character from Daniel Clowes Ice Haven.


BTW, he’s supposed to be in the bath in that lower right panel.


I would play with darks and lights more in the final panel, but best just to leave it and create something new.

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