August 17, 2012 0

Adventures in the Family Tree: My Grandma, Loveny Skogheim Ruttan at Camrose Normal School

By in ruttan's place

I get a little teary-eyed when I hold and look at this:

A gentleman in Vancouver who works in real estate sent it to me. He saved it from a pile of stuff, then googled, and found my page dedicated to my grandmother. [link] So he e-mailed and graciously sent it to me.

It’s in a little plastic holder, and the ribbons along one corner are real. Her handwriting looks a lot like my own around that time. She’d be maybe in her early 20s, training here to be a teacher. You can read more, from her own hand, on my site.

So nice that the internet allows you to do and see these kinds of things! (I’m also cited in a biography of Boris Karloff (published or not? I may have to try and find out), because the famous horror actor married one of my grandma’s sisters.)

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