January 10, 2009 0

Another Collaborative Friday

By in sketches, watercolour

Watercolour of a Howard Cosell-kind of guy by me, with blacks by Rick.

Well, this is the first of my Friday evenings with friends at the bar drawing a lot of stuff to be recorded on this blog. To follow the history of how “Gagnon Fridays” turned out (the name less accurate now that Marr has joined myself and R. Gagnon for our meets), you have to go to my old blog.

Central figure by me, strange hallucinatory visions by Rick, with mainly my inking. Beware the spooky oven-mitt creature!

Marr didn’t have so much to do with the present drawings, because he was sketching in his own book. R. Gagnon took snaps of those drawings, but hasn’t sent them to me, yet. They’ll go in a later post.

My drawing, with inks by Rick, inspired by Rick’s Commander McBragg cartoons on DVD. I really love how the shading on the pants turned out.

Gosh, this is all so complicated to explain. I’m just going to let the drawings speak for themselves. (well, no. Now I’ve put little notes in italics)

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