January 14, 2013 2

Off the Record

By in ballpoint pen, black and white, men, ruttan's place


While meeting a contact at the Cagibi coffee house in Mile End, Montreal, I drew this gentleman. He was sitting across from me at his own table, giving furtive looks in my direction and at others around him. He wasn’t actually a customer, just seeking a warm place to eat his sandwich.

Later on, my friend, who had given me this notebook, saw the picture and remarked on it. Since she had a similar notebook with a cardboard cover and a clever slogan, she wanted something drawn on hers by Yours Truly. It was a little harder to draw something on purpose which I had before done out of boredom, but I managed.

Didn’t draw a disgruntled homeless person, but rather a cute kitty, which I’ll try to snap for this blog if I ever see her notebook again.

2 Responses to “Off the Record”

  1. Joanne Carnegie says:

    I love this drawing. What does the star represent? His angst, or his aspirations?

  2. Jack says:

    Something hanging from the ceiling.

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