January 21, 2014 0

What? A title?

By in black and white, color, digital


This is a rough for a project I was a little worried about, but which turned out all right. Will share that later, when it comes out. Fond of showing you a bit of process. It’s my incredibly detailed rough. All I had to do after was to build a full-size set, hire models, and then trace everything with a “Camera Obscura.” Then do hundreds of colour tests, etc., etc.

Well, not really. I drew this on the computer, then traced it to get a rough idea of where everything should go. I really should pay more attention to values, contrast, and colours. But as I said, the final thing turned out all right.

It was fun to do a bit of real illustrating, which has been scarce of late.

Oh yeah, here’s another digital person:


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