February 21, 2014 1

Drawings of Me, from Thailand

By in ballpoint pen, black and white, collaboration, ruttan's place

These fell out of an old book. They’re from the time in Thailand in 2008 when I went over to help organize an art exhibition of Montreal Comic artists. I think I’d put them away because I felt it would be narcissistic to put them up.

Well, no more, really. If I’m drawing people, it’s natural that one gets drawn oneself.


This is me and my friend Peter, who had the idea for the exhibition, and basically brought me over to Bangkok. The artist, I think, was puzzled by Western noses. A fine Asian art tradition!


Here I am, leaping about, with my name hanging from my arms. I miss the long hair.

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  1. Joanne Carnegie says:

    The eyes are totally you, Jack, but the nose is WAY off. As you say, a fine Asian art moment!

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