March 27, 2014 0

Scrap Paper Pad

By in black and white, pencil, sketches

After a meeting at a law office, I was given a lot of scratch pads made of scrap paper. These are great to scribble idly on while having a conversation. A different part of my brain is engaged doing the drawing, so generally I can still follow and take part in the conversation. This isn’t true if I’m doing a crossword, or messing with the computer (except for drawing on it — but that’s punctuated with the occasional swears, or “tsks,” which is not good while at a friend’s place).


I’m actually drawing an awful lot. But instead of before, when I posted everything, good or bad (and I often have no judgment about my own things), I’m not posting as much. Maybe this is a bad thing, because one of the uses of the blog was seeing where my head is at, and if corrections need to be made. For instance, I can get a little tired of faces always facing the same direction.




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