August 26, 2014 0

Feathered T Rex sketches

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I love dinosaurs. Always have. Still, I’m trying to keep up with current thought on what they looked like, and not just redraw old images that probably didn’t exist. I like the idea that even the carnivorous ones were probably not monsters, but animals out in the wild.

Also, during my summer I worked at the Calgary zoo, I spent some time looking at the raptors (that’s carnivorous birds: hawks, eagles and owls), and the cassowary. That one was an intimidating creature, and it’s fun to think of that beast while trying to re-think dinosaurs.


Unfortunately, I drew a horse head too close in the corner (these sketchbooks are getting cramped!) But there you are.


Will have to do more research, anyhow. These are also interesting to me as ways of messing with colour schemes, and underpainting, to make the pictures look more vivid and bright.

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