November 26, 2014 0

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I drew this after watching a few Youtube videos about the “Andrew Loomis” method of drawing faces. This method was actually a revelation to me when I first discovered it years ago, because I’d inherited a few Loomis books from an artist uncle. But am rarely able to get it to work. Just winging a portrait seems to work best for me, though there is a lot of erasing involved.

Anyhow I watched 4 videos of a guy copying a face from one of these books, and from the little bits of the side of his head that got into the video, came up with this character.

Then, leaving the sketchbook open, Nora came and sharpened her claws on the paper I’d just drawn on. A few of those claw marks show up on the “drawing board,” even though I put in some computer colouring over the whole picture, just for fun.

Most of the time, I watch “speed painting,” which is a person painting, but usually sped up to up to five times the speed, because watching someone paint is usually boring. Still, that’s interesting, but even not sped up, I’m faster than the Andrew Loomis method guy.

I want one of his neat pencil stub holders.

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