May 19, 2015 0

Swamps Designed by Accident

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Painted pictures of “swamps” today, using various random methods. Got paint in my eye. That stung a bit.

Above is “wax resist,” which means drawing on the blank paper with a white china marker. I really can’t tell where it goes beforehand.


This is China Marker, also my dragging the tail of the brush on the paper, which makes little furrows. As well, there’s “backwash,” which is wet paint dripped over already drying paint, which makes little plant-like blooms.

I tried to make a “sun” in the sky with the china marker and yellow, but it didn’t work, so it becomes a box.


I turned this one upside down while drying, and also splattered paint on it by flicking the brush. Hence the paint in the eye. Finished off with a few blasts of compressed air, which produces those spider legs. Altogether fun!

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