January 5, 2009 0

Welcome to the New Place

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Wow. That was heavy, because I’ve been doing the blog for four years, and what do I get when I think everything is set up right? The domain name is attached to a spam blog. I wrote a letter to my domain seller’s support, and immediately after, either by design or coincidence, the wordpress blog came through.

But I couldn’t transfer the archives, so I hope the old blog at http://mruttan.ca/mruttan.ca/blog/blog.html stays up for a while yet.

Anyhow, I hope to be posting for another few years at least, depending what happens to the internet. A pencil drawing of Mr. Boggedy the cat serves as welcome. Meanwhile, Nora the new cat is looking on balefully, so I’m sure she’ll show up here some day soon, too.

UPDATE: the posts below are from my temporary blog, which I set up while the Blogger site was down all through the holidays for mysterious reasons. I’ve imported them successfully. Long live WordPress!

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