September 23, 2015 0

Pilgrims and Spies

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Morning sketches, to clear my head, and chase away the nightly terrors. I’m on my front balcony, the sun just peeping over the buildings and trees. These are just things I’ve done yesterday and today. The usual things I’ve seen, either real or on TV, and faces, of course. Out of my head, and from magazines.

I’m sometimes concerned that people will think I’m a spy or a voyeur up here with my subnotebook and little camera. That’s maybe partly right, but I’m not working for any flag or cause, and no one’s paying me.

Thinking of the people at the Hadj, for one thing. I’m pretty much an atheist now, but my experience with religious mass events makes me think how happy they must be.

(apologies for the quality of the images. It gets bright out here, and I was working on my tiny computer!)

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