January 13, 2009 0

I’ve been memed, and lived to tell the tale.

By in sketches

This post is a tough one, but at least I get to post Lucy:


I don’t really like these gimmicks, but the person who did it to me has been extra cool, lately, so I couldn’t disappoint.

Internet Tag – as follows:

One: Link to the person who tagged you. Here.

Two: Post the rules. (Here they are)

Three: Write six random things about yourself.

1. I’m sitting on the floor.

2. Looking out the window, seeing the red of the sky from the reflected sulfur lights on clouds.

3. Only one cat in the room – behind me.

4. I had a meeting today with some entertainment folks. Was a little zoned through it. Hope I gave a convincing account of myself.

5. Feel guilty because I didn’t do all the work I was supposed to today.

6. Nose is a little stuffy.

Four. Tag six people. See below.

Five. Inform the tagees and the person who tagged you.

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