September 24, 2015 0

Centre Sportif Jean-Claude Malepart

By in black and white, montreal, paintings, parks, pencil, sketches, watercolor, watercolour


This is pronounced “Mallapar,” (actually, more like Maly-par, sez a franco friend) for you non French-speakers. (I am almost a non-French speaker, by the way, despite spending all this time in Montreal). But in my anglo heart, I still see it as “Male-Part.”

I’m sure he was a worthy gentleman, but I’m happy they didn’t rename my street, Rouen, after him.

Anyhow, I was sitting in the park this afternoon, drawing things. This is the sports centre near my place, on rue Ontario. People were throwing a football outside. Once I would have worried that they were going to hit me, but now my thought was, “gee, I wish I could be out there throwing a football.”


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