June 28, 2016 0

Blackwing-ing It.

By in black and white, pencil, sketches


My friend bought a box of the famous Blackwing Pencils (read about them at this link.) They were deluxe pencils made for animators and artists in the 20th century, and the company went out of business. Now they’re being made again, for the same market that buys Moleskine Notebooks and other pricey stationery items.

I do like good art materials, but can’t always afford high-end items. But as with this beautiful rag paper I inherited, I believe in using things up, rather than putting them on a shelf somewhere.

Still, I’ve had lots of fun with the pencil my friend gave me, as you can see here. It is very pleasant to use. But I’m not sure if it’s worth paying almost $40 for a box of twelve.

UPDATE: My friend who so generously gave me the pencil notes that it’s really only about $30 for a box of 12. That’s around $2.50 per pencil, and not out of line for arty things such as that.



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