September 5, 2009 0

Whatever’s In My Head

By in sketches


Feel like I should be more directed in these things. Like just not drawing only whatever pops into my head. Mind you, it’s a kind of therapy, and relaxation. I’m not doing it for a goal.

Above is a scene from an air race in the golden age of such things, the 1930s.

Below, a drawing I made while watching The Mist on DVD, a movie set in a supermarket.

Lastly, this was drawn after I heard a news story about a terrible driver, who kept getting a second chance, and kept getting into accidents. He was almost always inebriated, and kept driving and running people over even after his license was suspended. Guess he really loved to drive, the idiot.

This was also done with my sepia tone colour ballpoint pen. Usually I like the pen point blobbing, as something that adds to the picture, but not in this case.


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