September 20, 2009 1

Montreal Comicon 2009

By in montreal

Yesterday, I visited the Montreal Comicon, at Place Bonaventure. Very stimulating. A lot of my comic-creating friends in both the franco and anglo communities were there, plus plenty of talented people I had never heard of. I took pictures, and the flickr photo set has names of most of the people, and links to their websites.

Also, there were people in costumes. I’m used to people I take pictures of sometimes being reluctant to be caught, and their faces put on the internet. So I always ask permission. But here people were excited to have pictures taken, and posing (I sometimes prefer the candids!) Sorry, I was a little too tired to do sketches.


Still, lots of exciting things to see. And a video walkthrough of the exhibition floor I took as I first arrived. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thoth Harris says:

    The picture of those three girls seems like Lada Gaga vs. the Cosplay Girls. Funny.

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