June 7, 2018 0

A Comic. By Me.

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Life has been tough, lately, and I’ve not been doing some things I should have been doing. I don’t know if comics is one of them, but lots of illustrators are doing them. And if I call myself a writer/slash illustrator, then that’s a natural. But it’s not very renumerative.

I started drawing digitally, got frustrated with that, and then drew the whole thing out on a piece of paper in about an hour. Then I tried colouring it digitally, got frustrated with that, and then printed it out, traced around, and then made a watercolour overlay that went underneath the lines. It’s a little digital, since in the old days people like Richard Corben would draw lines on a sheet of acetate which laid over the colours which were hand done on a piece of art board.

I did something similar, tracing and then colouring in watercolour on paper. The paper shrinks, so it doesn’t always line up, but one can stretch the colour image, if one is canny and digital.

This turned out to be a lot of work, and I don’t know if it is totally successful, or as effective as drawing the whole thing out on paper, with ink overtop, but it was an interesting experiment I may never do again.

Still, I want to do more comics. Better written, and about whichever subjects, and coloured in whatever way.

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