January 24, 2009 0

Gagnon and Marr Minus One

By in sketches


If last week’s drawing and drinking session at the Cock N’ Bull carried on without me, this one started and finished without any of my input at all.


I was sick, and had to beg off and stay home. Never mind, Richard Gagnon and Marr drew up a storm without me. Judging from these pictures Rick sent today, I’m sad to have missed it.


What bugs me, I guess, is that in the few comments I have gotten, here on the blog and on flickr (where these photos are stored), people have been praising me for these drawings, and of course I had nothing to do with them.

But the blog tagline does say “drawings by Ruttan and Friends,” so here you are.


I’ve actually thought of setting up a separate blog, updated once every week to contain these collaborative productions, but that would make this site less fun.


Still, it’s interesting to see how these two carry on without me. The drawings don’t look all that different from the ones I started. Maybe I was underestimating the contribution Rick put into the pictures, or maybe I’ve had an influence on the others.


These last three pics were pencilled by Rick, and show off some of his strange sense of whimsy. The guy above looks a little like me, but I don’t wear a neckerchief, or play hockey. So he’s likely a doppelganger. The last creature reminds me a bit of the baby in that early 90s puppet sitcom Dinosaurs.


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