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Back from the Funeral

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We had the funeral for my Dad today, at Christ Church, our old family church in Calgary. A very nice Anglican Service. Lots of hymns, and I felt about 13 years of age trying to sing with them. The key was never right, and I was either grumbling basso, or trying to do falsetto. Never a comfort zone. Still, lots of great people came out, and some from my old high school and university days. It was great to get back in touch with them. That’s what funerals do, it seems. Too bad it takes a death to make things like this happen. Dad would have liked it.


Anyhow, I don’t have pics of the service, but I do have these shots of the funky Dash 8 airplane I took while on a connecting flight from Edmonton to Calgary. Never been in a propeller plane before. So, that was a new experience.



I’m in the Calgary airport now, this evening. Waiting for my flight back, and using the free wireless. Here’s a shot of a sketch of my cat I did earlier, and a pic out the window, over the top of my new laptop. P1040683


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  1. Dear Jack

    I was just about to write you to ask how your Dad was. Do hope that the end was not too difficult for him, and that the family business went well.

    Losing a parent, even when you are an adult well settled into life, is not a happy thing. Please know that there are many good thoughts winging their way to you.

    Best wishes


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