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   Here we are, in my old-fashioned editor, putting up pictures from my sketchbook into my old-fashioned blog. I used to know how to write CSS, and make pretty styles for text and paragraphs. Not to mention the tags for these illustrations.

Haven’t done much of that for a long while!

I listened to a good podcast. One of my comics heroes, Kate Beaton, gave a talk in Edmonton about rich and poor people doing fine arts, including comics. You can listen to it here: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-23/clip/16052100 https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-23/clip/16052100

I think her best point was that working class people are no longer mainly toiling in fields. Most are working in the services industry. I write about that up above, in my sketchbook.

I’m from an upper middle class background, but I’m not well off these days, and what is left of my family is far away physically. AI is doing a lot of what I used to do art and writing-wise, for much less money, and physical problems prevent me from working the way I used to, on construction sites and in retail. I’m also now officially a senior citizen. So, despite past advantages, I don’t feel like I’m coming from a position of privilege any more, and it’s fine if I continue doing comics and writing strange stories.

I need to get those out more, though!

Met a man today I hadn’t seen for a long time. He was working in a garden. He’s doing okay, is still in the neighbourhood, but is moving into a new place, and has heart issues. He’s been following my blog.

I was able to speak with him totally in French, at least the way I speak it, which is with a strong accent and bad grammar.

Below is a watercolour of a squirrel, which was fun to do. They have such rhythm in their bodies! I painted this on my back deck, and also painted a daffodil, which are coming out now.

Jonquille is Daffodil in French. Thus ends the lesson for today.

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