January 31, 2009 0

A Big Whack of Stuff

By in sketches


Met with my friends at the bar last evening. Collaborated with a few sketches, which you see above and below. James up there was drawn by me, and inked by Rick Gagnon.

This lady is a combination of my talents, and Marr’s:

Something for Marr’s sketchbook: an old guy I drew, Marr inked, then I finished with some grays:

Rick, meanwhile was drawing portraits of guys at the bar:

Finished one, and the guy liked it so much that he called his friend over and Rick drew him:

They were offering money for the drawings, but Rick wouldn’t hear of it. I was trying to negotiate for him, but he was busy drawing a third from the group:

Drawing by Marr and Rick. What’s she pointing at?

Now these three things were drawn by Rick and Marr on another night. But they wanted me to post them:

Brrr! Creepy muppets!


Rick also did some formal portraits of other people at the bar. I think these show promise. He’s still sticky about taking money, but maybe he wants to avoid a future stuck in “Artist’s Alley” at Montreal’s Old Port.

Still, he could probably make a living. I get the feeling I’d be too busy making nasty fun of people and get punched out.

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