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Another day

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That was traumatic. Blogger was down over Christmas, so I and a lot of other people couldn’t post over that time. What a lot of cry-babies! Still, the frustration expressed shows how much these web diaries have become habits.

Because I wasn’t doing much for Christmas, it got me into setting up this WordPress blog, on a domain name I bought on a whim, and is about to expire. But I’m impressed with the professional feel and added features of WordPress, even though a couple of things seem clunky (the image posting, but that might have just been in the visual editor). And the SQL and PhP setting-up was a pain.

My server actually had an automatic button to put in a version of WordPress (not the most recent), so most of my uploading and tearing out of hair wasn’t necessary. Indeed, I’ve got a non-working duplicate of the directory on my site.

Still, it’s good practice, and I can probably make sure all the bits and pieces are in the correct places by looking at the installation that’s already there. Web stuff is interesting to do, as long as you’re not worried about it, as in a deadline, or something important. Then you can just play with it, and make mistakes, as I usually do with most of my computer-related tasks.

I put up the “Cat Scan” Comic I drew yesterday as a test.

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