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By in sketches, watercolour


The guy in the watercolour above is looking kind of dumb, and standing awkwardly, doing nothing. But then again, so is the bear. Will something happen? I doubt it.

Meanwhile, I painted another sketch of Orson Welles:

I’ve been watching the DVD of Malpertuis, which is a brilliant, but little-known French or Flemish fantasy film from the early 60s (actually, Belgian, and from the early 1970s sez my source, who lent me the DVD – J.). Welles got top billing, but he was only there for a few scenes. There’s a documentary of him behaving like a big baby. Tough to work with that, but I guess we accept it, because these people, like William Shatner, and Marilyn Monroe, are larger than life and hence interesting.

Below, this is just art. Nothing naughty, or meant to titillate. Unlike all that other stuff on the internet.

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