February 14, 2009 1


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The drawings here, as they’ve been on most Saturdays since I’ve been blogging, are from the previous evening spent drawing with friends at the bar. Sadly, Marr was doing family stuff and wasn’t there, but Rick Gagnon and I were.

We drew a bunch of stuff. Above is a drawing I made on the metro, inked and interpreted by Gagnon. There were all these little discussions that night. “Is that a bowl? It looks like a bowl.” “I don’t care, I don’t remember what it was. Draw what you see.” Anyhow, It’s easy to ignore all that, and just enjoy the freaky, funny drawings.

This is a drawing by Rick, which I started inking. He put in background, and I added an animal.

It’s a badger with a luggage handle. “Have you checked your badger?” That was Rick’s idea.

This is a gentle soul from another table. Drawn by me and ably inked by Rick. The girl from next door to the bar at the dollar store, or at least impressions of her and her tattoo, make an appearance here.

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  1. french panic says:

    I really like the first one you put up – I heart the metro.

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