February 17, 2009 0

Pile o’ Faces

By in sketches, watercolour


Here are a bunch of faces I drew last night, while watching a DVD. Not always so great trying to paint while watching something, esp. an interesting but relatively contemplative film such as Two Lane Blacktop, which demands more attention than an action flick, or similar. Generally, I wait until playing a flick again for the commentary track before I draw too much. That way, it’s more like listening to radio, and you can pay more attention to the paper and brush.


Nonetheless, these faces are more inspired by the film rather than portraits of people in it. I’d have to pay more attention to details such as shapes of noses, etc. Sometimes I’ll snap a frame I like off the screen, with my digital camera. Not great quality, but enough for my needs.

I enjoy practicing this more saturated style, since it’s new for me, using the dark colours. Tricky to do and get right, but that’s what practice is for, which is the purpose of most of this. I can also work on getting the likenesses, and then the drawing will have reached a whole new level. It’s always cool to feel you’re acquiring skills, rather than just doing one thing over and over again.


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