February 12, 2010 2

Introducing the Punk

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The Skinny Nameless Punk is a great cartoon character I created with collaborator Rick Gagnon, and now he has his own site. http://mruttan.ca/punk

The strips were printed in Mensuhell, the Quebec monthly fanzine that shut down last year. One of the few features in that mag that ran in English, by the way.

A few of the strips were also up on Geocities. Now that that’s gone down, there’s no place to read them. So, I decided to build a WordPress site, and upload all of the strips gradually, maybe two a week. That’s so I can get some experience producing a webcomic.

It’s really fine work I think, thanks in large part to Rick’s meticulous inks. He took way more care on them than I see in most strips, making each one a work of art. Anyways, I hope you stick around, and check in on the Punk regularly.

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