February 19, 2009 0

Black Gouache

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Black gouache is tricky to spell (no, this morning it just seems to roll off the keyboard), but fun to do. Also very fast. I’m still doing this on the el-cheapo sketchbook paper, because I’m too lazy to tape it down to stretch it, but that’s the way of things. It also helps me work out those values for the more elaborate drawings. I continue to feel as if I’m progressing, reaching another plateau in the work. which would be fine, if true. Would like to market it a little more skillfully, however.

This pic obviously has something to do with the Oscars which are going down on the weekend. I don’t care much about them, but still end up sucked into watching them, for I don’t know what reason. To see what people are wearing? Does it matter that much to me?

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