February 28, 2009 0

More Fridays

By in cats, sketches, watercolour


More Friday evening stuff, back at the bar. Above is a drawing by Marr which I watercoloured, and dressed up the people to make a 1960s scene, like I remember from Yorkville, Toronto’s glory days.

Below is sort of by all three of us. I did two characters, Marr did a character (on the left), then Rick inked it, but I inked Julia Roberts (uneven hair and all).

Marr’s cat, inked by me:

Strange drawing, which shows what Marr and Gagnon get up to when left alone:

Later, I challenged Rick to a game of pool, and lost. He proceeded to rule the table, so I sat back and sketched. Here I didn’t capture the hot girl pool player he also beat. But since I think people will want to see what she looked like, I’m working on a separate, more legible drawing of her, for another time.

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