June 3, 2010 2

The Power of Free Beer

By in montreal


Didn’t see many of my usual English language blogging buddies at the special Yulblog event last Tuesday. That might have been because it was a day earlier than the usual monthly get-together, and also in a special venue, L’Assoimoir on Notre Dame, just West of the Cathedral in Old Montreal. Might also have been because I was a little late in arriving. Still, had a great time, in my stumbling French, with a different gang.

Wasn’t too late, however, to sample the beer that was being launched there by Unibroue. Sylvain Bouchard (pictured) was on hand to uncap the bottles, and talk about the brew, Blonde de Chambly. You can hear a lot more from Sylvain about all aspects of the company’s beer, and brewing on his company’s site, http://unibroue.com

I don’t mind giving the plug, because of all the free beer. It was also cool that Unibroue takes blogging seriously enough that it wanted to incorporate our get-together into their launch. I chatted with Sylvain about the beer, and my own involvement with brewing, which was writing an episode of the TV show What’s That About? entitled The Brewery.

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2 Responses to “The Power of Free Beer”

  1. Eric says:

    Cool, first time I hear of Yulblog so I’ll register tonight (still new at this blog game). Cheers.

  2. Jack says:

    It’s a great idea. And also to show up at their events (check facebook, and the link above)

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