March 11, 2009 1

Creative License

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Here’s something fun. This caricature I did of former Prime Minister, the late John Diefenbaker, is going into an upcoming political documentary. Rather than just downloading it and using it, they were nice enough to ask, and we negotiated a fee. That’s classy, and it’s nice to think of something of yours sticking around, maybe going into schools to be educational, and all.

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One Response to “Creative License”

  1. Carol Krenz says:

    Dear Jack,

    Yes, it is always a good thing when copyright is respected — even more fun to know work is in the schools!
    Funny, but an article of mine, “Food For Sloth” was picked up years ago by Prentice Hall, Ginn Pres and Harcourt Canada — destination? Junior colleges, and senior high school texts in Ontario.

    For me, it’s like getting an honorary doctorate — they teach my work — dissect it etc. and I never finished university!

    About your drawing — oh, but it’s so good! Reminds me why I shuddered as a kid every single time Mr. Jowls-and- Brillo-Hair addressed the nation. Well, he may have addressed most folks–but I was hiding under the bed….

    Great work, here!



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